week in paradise

Another week has come and gone! I am feeling more in the groove of things and not so nervous about my time here and time away from family and friends. Don’t get me wrong – I still miss all of you terribly!

Blogging about everything little things seems overwhelming but yet at the same time important to share. For today’s post, it’s just highlights again but the goal is to have a few more this week, and in the weeks to come, with details about specific events, places and people – both here in Uganda and experiences from Ethiopia. My goal will be to post the "week in paradise" each week (duh!) with snapshots and comments from the previous days... Fingers crossed that it happens weekly!

So… the short (but actually long) list of what went down:

Two without photos:

  • Seeing one of the Maranatha schools, Nkona, and getting (having) to drive there and back – opposite side of the road plus in the rain on the way home

  • Learning how to do my laundry by hand – my Ugandan sister, Noreen, was a fabulous teacher