kid photographer

As I’d posted on Instagram a while back, some of my best photos are those taken by little photographers... the little guy on my left ended up taking my phone on Saturday afternoon while we were outside playing and snapped some great shots.

Photo session with the kids at Impact

Photo session with the kids at Impact

In planning for our time in Ethiopia, we knew we wanted to see and spend time with the kids sponsored for school by Impact Church. This is the church of Pastor Eyob and Addy – where we’ve visited each time in Addis. The church covers the cost for school, supplies and weekly tutoring for 20 kids in Addis and 8 kids in Gambela (a town south of Addis).

Due to the political unrest in Ethiopia, the start of school was delayed until just this past Monday so seeing the kids on Saturday was a great way to provide them with school supplies and a new backpack (thanks to Sports Authority - circa 2013). In addition to the new bag, each child received notebooks, pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners and erasers. (Note for future trips, purchase notebooks here in Addis vs. back home as they prefer having a smaller sized book that is common for all students.) Each child picked a folded up piece of paper with a number on it that gave the order of how the backpacks would be chosen. Eyob and I laid the bags out on the floor and the kids then took turns selecting which one they wanted. This was a great way to do it and even though some of the bags were bigger than the kiddo, they were all so excited for the newness. Another learning in this process is that there really isn’t a "girl" or "boy" backpack – they liked all colors and are just happy to have a bag.

We played "Pictionary" for a short while...

Pictionary time!

The kids then shared their names, age and grade...

Last, time outside to play foosball, soccer and just run around...